Dogs In Tracking – Pure and Mixed Breeds

Dogs In Tracking – Pure and Mixed Breeds

The page is devoted to those dogs in tracking that enter the field, who may or are unable (Mixed Breeds) to enter a TD or TDX in the future, but for the joy of the sport itself. If you would like to be profiled on this page, please send your story and photos to us.


Karen & Lara

I was referred to Gary Roe for Tracking from my breeder as I was having problems with my dog eating the drywall in my house. I was at a complete loss as why this was happening as my dog was walked daily and also had hours to run around with the horses at the barn. But my breeder said that although I was physically working my dog I was not challenging her mentally – so she suggested I try tracking!

I had no idea what I was getting into – or that I was going to love Tracking as much as I do. On a day to day life with your dog, your dog is expected to listen to you – on a walk they are to heal and walk nicely and listen to you – in conformation the dog is to listen to you – in obedience the dog is to listen to you!! The dog is to listen to you and trust you in everything you do together. But in Tracking it is completely different – the human is listening and trusting the dog and the dog’s natural instincts!! It is amazing!! I think that this is one of the reasons I am totally addicted to this sport with my dog – it is strengthening the bond between us.

The dog is being given the chance to be a dog – and do what dogs do – use their noses and follow the sent. It totally amazes me following behind my dog on a track – I think it is a wonderful thing.

Sun – Rain – Snow – Wind – and every other weather condition – we are out there learning how to Track. I should say I am learning how to Track – the dog already knows what she is doing!!

So with smiles on both of our faces we track!!

Karen & Lara (Great Dane)