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The above picture is Sue Sorensen with Andie her Golden Retriever receiving his Can. TDX

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Excellent Resource Material:

The Audible Nose: Training Your Newfoundland To Track by Judi Adler

Second edition, October 2007. Softcover, 294 pages. Without exception, the most extensive tracking book available. Written with Newfoundlands in mind but applicable for any breed. Full instruction for both TD and TDX level tracking. “The Audible Nose” helps you every step of the way with multiple suggestions and solutions for every situation encountered during tracking training. Over 250 illustrations and dozens of photographs make the book entertaining and the information easy to understand. Chapters include how to begin, intermediate tracking, article indication, adding distance, terrain changes and obstacles, aging, motivation, and dozens more. A more detailed description is available at under “books for sale.”

US residents: $40.00 for the book plus $12.00 first class postage (USD $52.00).
Canada residents: $40.00 for the book plus $17.50 first class postage and handling (USD $57.50).

Payment to be made via a U.S. money order, U.S. cash, or a check drawn on a U.S. dollar account. (Canadian checks with “payable in US dollars” handwritten in will not be ccepted. Credit cards, PayPal, or wired funds also not accepted.)

Overseas: contact Judi Adler for correct price. (Payment must be via order or foreign draft or U.S. cash. Credit cards, PayPal, or wired funds are not accepted.)

Send your order and payment (payable to Judi Adler):

Judi Adler
12320 SW Malloy Way
Sherwood OR

Telephone: 503-682-0604

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